One of the best things about a relaxing vacation at Lakewoods Resort is the opportunity to sample the Dairy State’s delicious cheese. This area hosts a smattering of Wisconsin cheese stores and factories that will provide the ideal cheese platter you always wantedor never knew you wanted! 

Treat Yourself to These Northwest Wisconsin Cheese Stores

The Dairy State has so many cheese stores and factories that it’s difficult to know which ones to visit. Every place is a little different; some are more traditional and only offer cheese and meats, while others might have viewing rooms, a tour, wine and cheese pairings, or even a restaurant in which to gorge on your favorite cheeses. Here’s a list of Wisconsin cheese stores near Lakewoods Resort you can enjoy on getaway. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out this list of 89 Wisconsin cheese stores and factories.

Go North for a Traditional Cheese Store Experience

Benoit Cheese Haus, a traditional cheese store, offers the beloved, cheesy experience known by almost every Wisconsinite. They proudly sell several delicious dairy options ranging from the familiar cheddar, Colby, and gouda to the less standard espresso, merlot, ghost pepper, and buffalo. Ask for a sample (or two or three) and coordinate your ideal platter or select some curds or an entire brick to enjoy at the villa. 

Head to Gilman’s for Health-Conscious Eating

Besides offering a standard cheese selection, Gilman Cheese Corporation has fat-free, reduced-fat, organic, RBST-free, and Kosher cheeses, so there’s something for everyone. Check out their shelf life cheese that keeps for 12 months (if kept at the right temperature) or take a whole cheese loaf home, offered in several flavors and every health preference!

Treat Yourself at Comstock Creamery with Wine & Cheese

Maybe you’re curious about the mechanics of cheese making, or maybe you’re here for the wine and cheese samples, or maybe you’re here for both. Regardless, grab a free wine and cheese pairing guide when you arrive, take a peek through the viewing window, and learn about your favorite cheeses at Comstock Creamery

Enjoy a self-guided Wisconsin cheese store tour.Go All out at Burnett Dairy Cooperative 

Burnett Dairy Cooperative has it all. Indulge in the fresh, squeaky cheese curds that Wisconsin has been raving about for ages. Sample more cheese flavors than you could have ever imagined. Eat a delicious meal at the bistro. Savor free wine samples, and check out other local, gourmet products: wine, spirits, and craft beer. Whether you’re here for a bite or to sate your cheesy desires, Burnett Dairy Cooperative has your back.

Stay with Us during Your Cheesy Tour

Your Dairy State vacation wouldn’t be complete without sampling your favorite cheeses (or discovering new ones!), at these cheese stores. Lakewoods Resort’s location offers ideal accommodations to support your self-guided Wisconsin cheese store tour. Our location on Lake Namakagon is the perfect place to enjoy your cheese, whether you’re appreciating the view from the marina or hoping to catch a bass or two. Contact us to book your stay!