Who says you need mountains to go mountain biking? The mountain bike trails in Wisconsin provide challenging, off-roading escapades sure to get your blood pumping. Luckily for you, Lakewoods Resort is ideally located in the thicket of 300 miles of mountain bike trails, which you are free to explore when you stay at our Northern Wisconsin resort. 

Why Hit up the Mountain Bike Trails in Wisconsin?

Nestled in a hub of mountain bike trails in Wisconsin, our resort puts you in an ideal location. The extensive Northern Wisconsin trail system stretches from Hayward to Iron River, but you need not go quite that far to find a great Cable Wisconsin mountain bike trail. A few even feature Lake Namakagon. As far as obtaining an actual mountain bike, that’s easy. All you have to do is rent one from our full-service marina. The only question now: which trail first?

Beginner Mountain Bike Trail

Beginning mountain bikers may want to start with the Wilson Lake Singletrack. A relatively flat trail, the Wilson Lake Singletrack features tight twists and turns, beautiful woodland scenery, and fleeting glimpses of Wilson Lake. 

Intermediate Mountain Bike Trail

Quoted as “easy riding with a few technical sections,” the Namakagon Trail matches the skill level of a biker looking for a bit of a challenge. The Namakagon Trail features fast stretches of riding interrupted by short, challenging bits, which works well if you’re looking to push yourself without going overboard. 

Difficult Mountain Bike Trail

If you’re a mountain biking guru, then the “tight and technical” Rock Lake Trail is right up your alley. This singletrack trail will take you through Wisconsin’s woodland thickets and backcountry lakes. Ranked #1 in the Namakagon Trail Cluster, and with marvelous views to boot, the Rock Lake Trail should be at the top of every Midwestern mountain biker’s list. 

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Our Northern Wisconsin Resort

There’s nothing quite like pushing yourself to the limit while exercising outside. Mountain biking in Wisconsin will help improve your cardiovascular system and take your workout routine to the next level. Then, when you’re ready to adjourn for the day, your pristine, Wisconsin lake resort lodging will be waiting for you. For more information on mountain bike rentals and mountain bike trails in Wisconsin, please call us at 800-255-5937. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help.