Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We realize the concern right now about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and you most likely have some questions about Lakewoods Resort & Lodge’s efforts to manage the situation. We want you to be assured that the safety of our guests and staff is always our top priority.

We want you to feel confident in visiting our property and we hold the safety of our guests and staff in the highest regard. To alleviate your travel concerns, Lakewoods Resort is working with our local and State Departments of Health agencies and are monitoring the CDC’s real-time updates on the status of Coronavirus. We are also have enacted stringent standards to address these concerns and help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our guests and employees while visiting us.

We have adopted several new practices to not just clean our units and public areas for our visitors, but to sanitize, destroying any viruses and bacteria which may have been present.

To ensure your safety in our accommodations, between each guest visit Lakewoods will:

• Launder all linens and towels with chemical sanitizers and dry at high temperatures.
• Chemically disinfect all hard surfaces (i.e. light switches, door handles, counter tops, sliding doors, etc.) as well as appliances like hair dryers, refrigerators, ovens, etc.
• Chemically disinfect soft surfaces like fabrics and furniture.
• Fully disinfect the unit with Ozone Generators and Chemical Atomizers to permeate every surface as well as the air in the unit itself.

To ensure your safety in our public areas, Lakewoods will:

• Provide updated training to our staff on any new sanitation practices ensuring public safety.
• Regularly disinfect all frequently contacted surfaces (i.e. light switches, door handles/push bars, counter tops, etc.)
• Provide public sanitation stations in common areas with disinfectants and hand sanitizers so individuals may disinfect the areas they come in contact with (i.e. recreation equipment, beach chairs, tables, etc.)
• Remove some convenience items such as self serve water stations.
• Space tables and chairs to help ensure social distancing in public areas.
• Regularly inspect all public areas to maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards.

We are also implementing the following procedures for the safety of both guests and staff members:

• Provide updated training to our staff on any new sanitation practices ensuring public safety.
• Encouraging increased hand washing and sanitation efforts by using soap and water for at least 20 seconds throughout the day or after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.
• Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
• Providing hand-sanitizer stations at locations for guests and employees.
• Asking hotel employees and incoming guests who have a fever, cough or shortness of breath to stay home as recommended by the US Center for Disease Control.

While we expect this pandemic to pass, these practices will remain in place to ensure your safe health while visiting us. While this new reality must include practices to protect ourselves from infection, it does not mean we cannot enjoy all the things we did before the COVID-19 outbreak. Lakewoods will do what we can to protect you, and you do what you need to do to protect yourselves. Let us know if if this includes changing any of your travel plans.

We appreciate your business and we are committed to following the recommendations from health authorities as you visit us in the Wisconsin Northwoods. As always, our staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your vacation. We thank you for the opportunity to have you visit and want to ensure you we make your safety our highest priority.

For the most up-to-date information and information on the CDC’s guidelines for this fluid situation, we encourage you to visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website.

Please feel confident that we’re doing what we can to provide a healthy environment so you can enjoy your stay with us. Thank you for your continued loyalty and your business. We look forward to seeing a healthy you soon.

P.C. Rasmussen

4th Generation Family Owner and General Manager
Lakewoods Resort & Lodge