People at Breweries and Wineries in WisconsinWhether it’s winter or summer, spring or fall, beer and wine are the perfect refreshments. They’ll warm you up or cool you down, but most importantly, they’ll quench your thirst with their unique flavors. Luckily, there are four great options for tasting beer and wine near Lakewoods Resort! Wisconsin breweries make some of the best beer around, and our wineries are no different. Here are four of our favorite breweries and wineries in Wisconsin.

Unbeatable Wineries in Wisconsin

When you’re in the mood for wine, mead, or cider, Wisconsin winery tours are the way to go. In addition to tasting the beverages, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about how they’re made.

Out of the Woods Winery is right on Main Street in Hayward, so it’s one of the most convenient options on our list. Besides its great location, it has unbeatable vino. With wine, food, an art gallery, and painting classes, what more could anyone want? It’s an all-around fun place to be and one of the best wineries in Wisconsin!Wine Tasting in Wisconsin

White Winter Winery crafts mead, hard cider, and spirits right here in Bayfield County. All of the fruit they use is locally grown, so you’ll truly get a taste of Wisconsin at this wine tasting in Wisconsin. That’s what makes it one of the best wineries in northern Wisconsin. If you’ve never had mead before, it’s made with honey, so it has a lovely, sweet flavor. You’ve got to try some while you’re at Lakewoods Resort! Plus, they have a free, daily tasting event.

Tasting Wisconsin Craft Beer

Before or after visiting the wineries in Wisconsin, be sure to stop by these Wisconsin breweries. One is near Out of the Woods in Hayward, while the other is by White Winter in Iron River. So regardless of whether you choose to head north or south from your comfortable Lakewoods Resort room, you can enjoy both Wisconsin craft beer and wine during your excursion.

Angry Minnow Brewing Company is just five minutes from Out of the Woods, so you can enjoy wine tasting and Wisconsin craft beer in the same trip. Like the winery, this Wisconsin brewery has an incredible food menu, so you won’t be hungry while you enjoy an ice-cold pint. They have a nice mix of dark and light beers, so even the pickiest traveler can find something to sip.

Raven’s Breath Brewery is only a one-minute drive from White Winter. It’s a nano-brewery, so their taps are ultra-niche. You can only find them at Raven’s Breath, which makes it a must-stop spot for any beer lover on a Wisconsin vacation. Like Angry Minnow, Raven’s Breath has food and a variety of beer types.

Northwoods Dining at Lakewoods Resort

When you return to your home-away-from-home at Lakewoods Resort, join us for a meal at our Lakeside Restaurant or Buck’s Bar and Grill. Our selection of upscale dining and comfort foods will pair perfectly with another pint or glass of wine. After all, you should eat well when you’re on vacation. Call us at 800-255-5937 to book your stay in the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods.