Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon is a place of paradise and tranquility for people looking to escape modern stressors into the Wisconsin Northwoods. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Cable, Wisconsin, at one of the most legendary resorts on Lake Namakagon. We have welcomed travelers to our Cable resort’s lake homes/cabins, lakeside condos, lodge rooms, and golf villas for over a century.

Your stay at Lakewoods Resort puts you in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods by the gorgeous Lake Namakagon. We also offer plush amenities like seasonal activities, indoor/outdoor event venues, and one of the best restaurants in Cable, WI. Watching the different birds of Wisconsin is an excellent way to connect with nature. Book your stay today at Lakewoods Resort for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

Why You Should Try Getting Into Bird Watching

For some birds may seem like nothing special, but there are so many unique bird species with stunning appearances and some intriguing behaviors. Bird watching is a popular hobby because it is a thrilling outdoor activity that people of many different fitness levels and ages can enjoy. Bird watching is also essential for research and conservation purposes. Below are some of our favorite birds you can sometimes find in Wisconsin. 

6 of Our Favorite Birds of Northern Wisconsin

  1. Red-Headed Woodpecker: These gorgeous red, white, and blue birds are easily one of our favorite birds in Wisconsin. The Red-Headed Woodpecker was the bird that first sparked the interest of Alexander Wilson, the “father of American ornithology” in birds. 
  2. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet: These adorable birds of Wisconsin can sometimes appear to have a bright red mohawk. The male Ruby-Crowned Kinglet usually keeps his red mohawk hidden, but you might catch a glimpse while he is excitedly singing during the spring or summer.
  3. Mourning Dove: These lovely birds are quite a sight to see. The oldest recorded Mourning Dove was at least 30 years old when it was shot down because it was banded in 1968!
  4. Virginia Rail: These secretive birds of Wisconsin like to remain hidden in dense vegetation. They are so cautious they will even make dummy nests while making their real ones.
  5. American Goldfinch: These stunning birds of Wisconsin are hard to miss with their bright yellow bodies. They are the strictest vegetarians in the bird world, with an all-vegetable diet. Well, except when they accidentally swallow an insect.
  6. Green Heron: These are an intriguing bird species in Wisconsin. They are one of the only few bird species that use tools. They often create fishing lures to entice desirable small fish to eat.

Book your stay today at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon to experience the pure bliss of the Wisconsin Northwoods!