Spending Valentine’s Day 2024 at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon promises a celebration of love amidst the beauty of the Wisconsin Northwoods. It’s an opportunity to create cherished memories, forging a connection that will last long after the snow has melted away and spring has returned. For over a century, we have been one of the best Cable, WI, resorts offering travelers a gateway into the Wisconsin Northwoods.

As you arrive at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon, the crisp winter air and the snow-covered landscape will make you feel like you have stepped into a real winter wonderland. The rustic yet elegant cabins and lodges create an ambiance that exudes both comfort and romance. We can’t wait to welcome you and your sweetheart with warm hospitality and a cozy atmosphere.

6 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day 2023 at Lakewoods Resort

  1. Scenic Lake Namakagon Stroll: Take a delightful nature walk together along the shores of Lake Namakagon. Breathe in the fresh Wisconsin Northwoods air, hand in hand with your significant other. The snow-covered landscape and frozen lake create a serene and romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day 2024.
  2. Winter Wonderland Outdoor Adventures: For the adventurous couple, explore the award-winning winter activities at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon. Have a thrilling Valentine’s Day with activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even a thrilling snowmobile ride.
  3. Romantic Lakeside Dinner: For Valentine’s Day 2024, indulge in a romantic and delicious meal with your loved one at Lakewoods Resort’s restaurant. The serene views of Lake Namakagon will add a touch of magic to your dining experience. Enjoy rustic decor and delicious meals.
  4. Wildlife Watching: Winter brings a unique charm to the Wisconsin Northwoods and wildlife watching. Bundle up with your sweetheart and head out to observe local bird species and other wildlife that thrive in the Lake Namakagon area.
  5. Winter Hiking: The nearby trails are perfect for those who want to take in the snowy landscape while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. To learn more, read our other blog on winter hiking through Lake Namakagon
  6. Tranquil Stargazing: Bundle up with your loved one and venture into the crisp winter night for a stargazing session. The serene Lake Namakagon area provides a stunning backdrop for spotting constellations and sharing quiet, contemplative moments for a memorable Valentine’s Day 2024.

Enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day 2024 at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon!