Lakewoods Special Events

The NOW-I-CAN Charities were created by Lakewoods Resort and the Rasmussen family to support the local counties of Sawyer, Bayfield and Ashland (SAW-BAY-ASH).

Lakewoods Resort hosts several events throughout the year, like the World’s Longest Weenie Roast and Namakagon Cancer Walk. The proceeds from these events are donated to various organizations like the volunteer fire department, ambulance service and local Lion’s Club.

Two special events (MS Golf Tournament and Namakagon Cancer Walk) differ from traditional charities. The money raised from these events goes directly to special accounts. The money from the Namakagon Cancer Walk provides assistance to those people in the SAW-BAY-ASH counties who are fighting cancer and do not have adequate resources for many of their medical needs. The money from the MS Golf Tournament provides assistance in much the same way for those with Multiple Sclerosis.

A board of individuals from the area and health field professionals receive referral letters and administer the funds. There are no administration costs. All the money raised goes to those in need. Referral letters come from the doctors, health care providers or individuals needing the funds. There are no restrictions or requirements. Letters are received by the board and funds are distributed based upon needs of the individual and the amount of the request.

Lakewoods Resort is proud to take part in a variety of charity events. Lakewoods’ involvement is instrumental in running several different charity events, helping the areas not for profits and supporting community events or fundraisers for those in need.

Donating more than $40,000.00 per year in cash donations, goods and services, we are dedicated to helping those people who find themselves in this wonderful area of northern Wisconsin.