World's Longest Weenie Roast

Hosted by Lakewoods Resort - Cable, Wisconsin

Friday & Saturday, February 26 & 27, 2016  (*Note: Change of dates for 2016)

 (Usually held annually the First Weekend in March)

Benefits Local Emergency Services including the Great Divide Ambulance Service, the Namakagon Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders among others.

Known throughout the region as the most fun on ice, thousands of weenie enthusiasts come to Lake weenieroast.jpgNamakagon for this fantastic event. Held to raise funds for the Great Divide Ambulance Service, the Namakagon Volunteer Fire Department and other area charities and not-for-profits, this event holds the record for the longest line of hot dog cookers over one fire in the world. With events like snowmobile speed runs, ice bowling,  and outlaw drags all on Lake Namakagon, there is more than enough fun for everyone.

Results: 2015 Speed Run Results

If you're interested in finding more about this year's event call us at 1-715-794-2561

Schedule of Events

Friday, February 26, 2016

12:00 - 4:00 pm -- Gas Pump Power Cruise Registration - Click here for more details

              4:15 pm -- Drivers Meeting & Tech, Followed by Fueling & Ride

              6:10 pm -- Double Elimination Drag Races - Under the Lights

5:30 pm -- Outlaw Snow Drags Under the Lights

                -- Hourly Head-To-Head Exhibition Runs by Pre-Qualified Racers

Saturday, February 27, 2016

9:00 am -- Ice Speed Run & Ice Drags Registration Begins

                -- $20 for 3 Runs - $5 each Additional Run

                -- $25.00 per Sled for Ice Drags

9:00 am -- Power Cruise Registration - MUST COMPLETE 25 MILE TRAIL RIDE BEFORE 11AM!!

10:00 to 2:30 pm -- Ice Speed Runs - Prizes!

                             Cash prizes for Top Speed of the Day PLUS Top Stock Speed of the Day. Winner in all classes entered to win special cash drawing!

Outlaw Snow Drags Top Ten Competition - see the fastest sleds compete for their spot on this coveted list

10:30 am -- Lakewoods Ice Bar & Grill -  Served lakeside in the Gazebo

             Serving Hamburgers, Chili, Snacks, & Beverages

11:30 am to 2:00 pm -- Klement's Sausage Weenie Roast

             Sponsored by: Klement's Sausages

Noon -- Track Maintenance

3:00 pm to Dusk -- "Hot Doggin' It" Ice Head to Head Drags (for additional information see below)

4:30 pm -- Weenie Eating Contect 

6:30 pm -- Ice Speed Run Awards - Lakewoods Bar & Grill

8:00 pm to 1:00 am -- Entertainment

            -- Music by: TBA - Lakewoods Buck's Bar

9:00 to 11:00 pm -- Poker Run Cards Drawn

            -- Lakewoods Lobby

11:00 pm -- Poker Run Prizes Awarded

"Hot Doggin' It" Ice Track Speed Runs

Event Classes

The fastest sleds seeking super speeds on 1,000' shaved ice track - 2,500' runout for the most fun on ice!

STOCK: 500 (No Restrictions), 600 Single Exhaust, 600 (No Restrictions), 700 Single Exhaust, 700 (No Restrictions), 800 Single Exhaust, 800 (No Restrictions), 1100

IMPROVED STOCK: 500, 600, 700, 800, 1100

OPEN MOD: 500, 600, 700, 800, & 1100

4 STROKE: Stock (No Turbo), Stock Turbo, Improved Stock Turbo, Improve Stock Aftermarket Turbo, Pro Stock, Super Twin (Lake Racer), Exhibition Class

Outlaw Ice Drag Races

660' Shaved Ice track with for some hot Head to Head Competition!

We again need you to sign up as early as possible for the races so we can set up the brackets and be prepared for the event. We allow you to pick your first match up to settle any ongoing disputes, season long grudges, or just to beat up on your best friend.  After the first series, we go through the brackets until the winner shines. 

We do have Tech's available this year to check sleds for appropriate classes. We prefer you police yourself to make sure you're in the correct class.  

This year we are further segregating the classes for the enjoyment of all racers.

  1. 1,000 cc and under - naturally aspirated (improved stock/prostock rules)
  2. 1,001 cc and over - naturally aspirated  (improved stock/prostock rules)
  3. Pro Stock Lake Racer - Any power adder allowed. Must be factory production sled with original appearance. (Pro-mods/Open Mods go into Pro Outlaw)
  4. Pro Outlaw - The "Run what you Brung" class  Whatever goes. Hope it's good enough for the win!

These classes may change depending on number of entries we have. Remember: sign up early so we can be organized for the event. While we have always accommodated late entries in the past, it causes a great deal of additional work and confusion for the organizers. Help us out. Register early. 

We are still hoping for a sponsor to come through on a cash purse to share for the Drag Races... If you know someone, have them contact PC Rasmussen. We'll give this format a try this year and re-examine things again for next.  We try to adjust to suite both the racers out there and the volunteers who help make it a great day for all involved.

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New Snowmobile Events Added 2015!

Racing Under The Lights On Lake Namakagon!!


Must be pre qualified to race!  These are the biggest and baddest sleds on the snow.  Some of these beasts boast 600+HP!!  This will be a great spectator event. Watch as they compete for their top ten spot on this coveted list. They will be running both Friday and Saturday.

Weenie Roast  Gas Pump Power Cruise - Friday 

Must use trail studs and complete a 25 mile trail ride. All sleds purchase 8 gallons of 91 octane gas from Lakewoods Snowmobile Shop, so all sleds run the same. Then head to head double elimination drag runs.  Who has the fastest trail worthy sled??

Weenie Roast  Power Cruise - Saturday

Must use trail studs and complete a 25 mile trail ride.  Then head to head double elimination drag runs.  Who has the fastest trail worthy sled??

Registration for these events will take place next to the Weenie Roast Ice Track in a separate trailer from the Ice Registrations.  See below for more information and to download the Rules.