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World's Longest Weenie Roast

Weenie-Logo-snowmobile.jpgHosted by Lakewoods Resort - Cable, Wisconsin

Friday & Saturday, March 2 & 3, 2018 

 (Held annually the First Weekend in March)

2018 Date is March 2nd & 3rd

Benefits Local Emergency Services including the Great Divide Ambulance Service, the Namakagon Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders among others.

weenieroast.jpgKnown throughout the region as the most fun on ice, thousands of weenie enthusiasts come to Lake Namakagon for this fantastic event. Held to raise funds for the Great Divide Ambulance Service, the Namakagon Volunteer Fire Department and other area charities and not-for-profits, this event holds the record for the longest line of hot dog cookers over one fire in the world. With events like snowmobile speed runs, ice bowling,  and outlaw drags all on Lake Namakagon, there is more than enough fun for everyone.

Results: 2015 Speed Run Results

If you're interested in finding more about this year's event call us at 1-715-794-2561

2018 Schedule of Events




8 pm -- LIVE in Buck's Bar at Lakewoods


8:00 pm - Jeff Loven LIVE in the Lakewoods Bar.  Great Music... Great Fun!




9:00 am -- Ice Speed Run & Ice Drags Registration

10:00 am -- Ice Speed Run Races Start

10:30 am -- Lakewoods Ice Bar & Grill -  Served lakeside in the Gazebo

             Serving Hamburgers, Chili, Snacks, & Beverages

11:30 am to 2:00 pm -- Klement's Sausage Weenie Roast

             Sponsored by: Klement's Sausages




1:00 pm -- Grudge Match Snow Drags Start near Weenie

Roast Track

-- Up to 4 racers at a time - Each winner get $10 plus

a chance to win the $250 cash drawing 

3:00 pm -- Ice Drag Races Start 

7:00 pm -- Awards Presentation in Buck's Bar @ Lakewoods For The Fastest Weenie Class Winners Trophies, Cash Purse Dispersment and the Grudge Match Cash Drawing For The $250 Winner! - Lakewoods Bar & Grill


~7:30 --  Fireworks following Awards Presentationfireworks.png

8:00 pm to 1:00 am -- Entertainment

            -- Music by: Jeff Loven LIVE at Lakewoods Buck's Bar


Hot Doggin' It - Ice Speed Racing

4,000' of Professionally Shaved ICE just begging for speed!

Porta Tree Timing System gives super accurate speeds for the 1,000' race.  

Trophies and cash purse for Top Speed of Day, Exhibition Racers and all class winners.  

Snowmobile Class Information is located at the bottom of the page.  


Grudge Match Snow Drags

Open To Everyone With Something To Prove

Any Sled... Any Class... Anyone... Everyone can race.  Pick your own lineup.  

Up to 4 racers at a time on a marked 660' track.  Winner of each race receives a $10 gift certificate to area Businesses.  

Each winner entered in a drawing for $250 Cash.  The more you win the more chances you recieve.

Race as many times as you want.  WIN as many times as you can.  


Outlaw Ice Drag Races

660' Shaved Ice track with for some hot Head to Head Competition!

We again need you to sign up as early as possible for the races so we can set up the brackets and be prepared for the event. We allow you to pick your first match up to settle any ongoing disputes, season long grudges, or just to beat up on your best friend.  After the first series, we go through the brackets until the winner shines. 

We do have Tech's available this year to check sleds for appropriate classes. We prefer you police yourself to make sure you're in the correct class.  

This year we are further segregating the classes for the enjoyment of all racers.

  1. 1,000 cc and under - naturally aspirated (improved stock/prostock rules)
  2. 1,001 cc and over - naturally aspirated  (improved stock/prostock rules)
  3. Pro Stock Lake Racer - Any power adder allowed. Must be factory production sled with original appearance. (Pro-mods/Open Mods go into Pro Outlaw)
  4. Pro Outlaw - The "Run what you Brung" class  Whatever goes. Hope it's good enough for the win!

These classes may change depending on number of entries we have. Remember: sign up early so we can be organized for the event. While we have always accommodated late entries in the past, it causes a great deal of additional work for the organizers. Help us out. Register early. 

We are still hoping for a sponsor to come through on a cash purse to share for the Drag Races... If you know someone, have them contact PC Rasmussen. 


We need to collect your contact information to send you information about the Weenie Roast. Your information is confidential.

 YES - Call 800-255-5937
 No - Just coming for the Day

ICE Speed Runs - Snowmobile Race Classes

Vintage (1985 and Older)

Stock: 0-340 341-440 441-650              Open

Modified: 0-340 341-440 441-650        Open

Vintage Open

Junior Stock

Up to 440 fan (12 years up to 16)

441 to 570 fan (14 to 16)

Trail Stock

Up to 550 440 Liquid

500 600 700 800 1000

Racer Stock

Up to 550 fan

440 Liquid 500 600S 600 Racers Special

600 700S 700 800S 800 1000

 Improved Stock

440 500 600 700 800 1000

Pro Stock

700 800 1000

Open Mod

440 500 600 700 800 1100


Open Mod – No cc limit w/single engine and nitrous allowed

Exhibition – Non snowmobile engines, twin engines, etc…

Super Stock – Triples in Stock Bodies and Stock appearing

Super Stock Twin – Stock Body Sleds which use stock cylinders up to 1000cc’s

Super Twin Lake Racer is a power adder twin with no cc limit, stock or 0.5 inch lug speed track, and we reduced the weight this year to 700 lbs from 750 lbs in 2008 season

Lake Racer is as in rule book on pages 38 to 41 under Lake Racer. Up to 1250 cc’s. Nitrous allowed. Belted Speed Tracks allowed at .70 lbs per cc., with min. combined weight not to exceed 750 lbs. Stock or 0.5 inch speed track at .68 lbs per cc. Headlight must be functional

Lake Racer Open is a 2 stroke triple or 4 cylinder motor with a turbo or Nitrous and belted speed track allowed and 750 lbs minimum, or naturally aspirated at 675 lbs minimum

Lake Racer All Motor is a two stroke 3 cylinder motor at or over 1000 cc’s, has no power adder, is 750 lbs, and has a stock track or 0.5 inch lug speed track

Pro Max - This Class will be a Sit up and Ride 625 lb class with rider and will allow stock and aftermarket chassis with power adder(s). This class does require the use of a twin opposed piston caliper braking system mounted on the drive axle! A belted speed track is allowed and will be a minimum of 11.125 inches in width with a stud height of 1.0 inch allowed over the flat part of the belt. Studs protruding more or at 1.1 inches above the belt will be DQ'd. The use of VP 100 Race fuel which is oxygenated with ethanol will be allowed. Leathers are required. (Keep in mind that this class may jump into the Exhibition Class and run in the Lay Down position with less weight. Be mindful that this class should have the installation of a parachute!)

Four Stroke Stock – Classes in 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder, and turbo (all stock)

Four Stroke Improved – Stock bodied sleds with stock track or 0.5” speed track and turbo allowed

Four Stroke Pro Stock - Light weight sled with smooth belted speed track

Mini Sleds – Stock appearing 120 cc sleds, pipes and porting allowed

Jr Mod – After market motor, open mods, highly altered mini sleds (65 MPH LIMIT)